The Image House Difference

As a "boutique printer" we do not offer the services of a traditional printer such as business cards and letterhead and instead we focus on our core competency of delivering superior photographic imagery.

Image House prides itself on providing excellence in several areas of digital print and display production. We believe that the concept of "one printer does it all" does not provide the customer with the best solution! (Note: we have 7 main + back-up printers in-house).  Image House offers a one stop print production facility that provides reliable, on time full service. We stock, print, and service most of what we sell in house in our Halifax facility.

Image House Digital Inc specializes in very high quality interior digital print solutions and products. We will gladly work with you to find the best process and product solutions for your special or unique requests...  anything from short term to long term solutions.

We are passionate about our work. At every level of Image House Digital you will find dedicated professionals who take great pride in paying attention to the fine details (some might even say we're a bit obsessive about it). We are adamant about providing the highest quality work so we stock and do virtually all aspects of production and service in-house to ensure we can respond to short deadlines.

Work with us and you'll quickly learn that we take our commitment to our customers very much to heart. We're proud of the work we do. And just for that extra piece of mind, we warranty our products and services.

High Points:

What we are:

Large Format - superior quality... specializing in tradeshow display printing and hardware.

What we are not:

Not a general printer printing brochures, letterhead, business cards.

What we have and offer:

Offer high quality, interior large format printing, and we stock, print and service what we sell.

The commitment we make to our customers:

Reliable, on time, full service, customer satisfaction


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